Gemstone Bracelet for Men & Women, Color Multi, Bead Size 8 mm




  • Clear quartz crystal: The bracelet features genuine clear quartz crystal beads, known for their clarity and amplifying properties. Clear quartz is believed to enhance spiritual growth and balance energies.
  • Seven chakras: The bracelet includes gemstone beads representing the seven chakras – Root, Sacral, Solar Plexus, Heart, Throat, Third Eye, and Crown. Each chakra corresponds to different aspects of physical, emotional, and spiritual well-being.
  • Multi-color design: The bracelet features a vibrant multi-color design, with beads of different colors representing each chakra. This adds a stylish and eye-catching element to the bracelet.
  • 8mm bead size: The bracelet is crafted with 8mm beads, offering a comfortable fit for both men and women. The size is ideal for daily wear and can be layered with other bracelets for a trendy stacked look.


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